Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week One DONE!

It is amazing how after a few weeks away from the regular practice of this program, P90X, restarting is always a challenge. Muscles get lazy and don't want to do all this hard work. And even though I did train for the half marathon this fall, by upper body work was lacking!

I did the first week starting Wednesday. I took Saturday off because my day was busy, but got all the workouts in otherwise. This morning I started Week 2, which is a repeat of the week 1 pattern: Chest and Back today, Plyometrics tomorrow, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Legs and Back, Kenpo X, and rest (or Stretch X). I hope to do it in that sequence this week, not taking a day off on Saturday. We will have to see.

The other exciting news is that my wife and 14 & 13 year old sons have started INSANITY and they tell me it lives up to the title! They are sweating buckets and sore as all get-out after two days (plus the Fit Test to start). On top of it, the 13 year old did Insanity at 2pm yesterday, 75 minutes of personal training with his baseball team, and then 90 minutes of baseball practice. He is sore today!

It has been interesting in the morning. My wife does the Insanity in the basement while I do P90X in the kitchen on the computer (running down to the basement between sets to do the pull ups). The boys workout after they complete their daily homeschooling.