Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phase III plans

So I started Phase III off with a bang this morning. BEFORE doing Chest and Back and AbRipper, I went out for a 20 minute run.

My goal is to add something to each day of Phase III. A jog before, or a second workout in the afternoon (assuming I do P90X in the morning). This other might be a jog, brisk walk, or even a swim at the local athletic club near my office. Cardio X might also be another good option for a second workout later in the day.

Because I had a rough week in the middle of Phase II and re-did the week, I am now on Schedule to be done with P90X shortly after Easter. And if past experience s an indicator, Holy Week will be crazy to get all my workouts in. But as Tony Horton says, "I'll do my best!"

Jennifer and the boys have finished INSANITY. GREAT RESULTS!
This week Jennifer is running and doing some Jillian Michaels workouts, and will restart INSANITY with Brazil Butt Lift (another Beachbody workout) to supplement it. I am hoping to convince the boys to do P90X with me. The three of them are waiting anxiously for the release of ASYLUM, the sequel to INSANITY, due out in April.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am writing right now between Evening Prayer and my second Mass of the day for Ash Wednesday. And of course people are talking about 'giving things up for Lent'.

There are different things we can give up for Lent; those we should give up anyway (that which is not good for us, or is sinful), those which we can give up which can be bad for us if not practiced in moderation, and those things which are not objectively good nor bad, but we give up as an offering of thanksgiving, and a reminder that we are not slaves to our impulses and desires.

Smoking would be an example of the first case, sweets in the second, and perhaps meat or a certainly thing you like like television.

An orthodox priest and I were having a discussion about the stricter Eastern Orthodox fast for Lent. I asked him if he expected his 7 year old son to keep this strict discipline. His response was that if he couldn't resist the temptation for a cheeseburger in Lent when he is 7, how will he learn the discipline to say no to sinful things when he is 16 or 19?

Doing Beachbody programs imply a measure of discipline. Following a meal plan, exercising 6 days a week, etc. are a discipline. But as you may know, or have seen from the increasing number of videos on YouTube about P90X, Insanity, etc., - discipline yields results.

So if you haven't started, or fallen off the track, Lent is a great time to restart your discipline! Give something up (food, tv, etc.) and take on something good (exercise, Shakeology, etc.). The physical results will show for themself! And the spiritual aspect of a disciplined life is a nice bonus as well!

Friday, March 4, 2011

An insight on my occasional back pain

Every couple of weeks this winter I have had some back problems. Mostly in the sciatic nerve. Starts just above the tail bone and goes down a leg or both.

Sleeping (well, rolling over while sleeping) is painful, and it is particularly bad after sitting for a few minutes.

Twice it was bad shortly after shoveling snow (duh).

Started hurting again last night. Went to the Chiropractor this morning (this usually helps).

Realized something important. Each of the last three times it has happened has been after doing Plyometrics. And the other presenting symptom has been really sore hamstrings.

My chiropractor noticed that my legs were particularly tight. And YES, extra tightness in the hamstrings can cause lower back discomfort. So perhaps the culprit is so much the back as it is not stretching well enough after Plyometrics, and then keeping limber throughout the day.

It doesn't happen every time I do Plyo, but each time it has been sore it had been after it. Will have to see if there is a correlation. So I will get up from this chair in a minute, stretch again, and work and hope for the best.

Yoga X in the morning should help stretch it out!!!