Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two weeks into it - now for the next two weeks

With two pretty solid weeks as a foundation - I now take it up a notch.

Daily minimum workout time - 60 minutes (in either one or two sessions).
Start re-incorporating 2 Power 90 Sweat and 2 Power 90 Sculpt into the week.

At least one afternoon in the pool for a swim.

Work on being up earlier to accomplish this.

Stay on induction plan.

another fine week

Good week this week. Today I got out and biked 26 minutes, which was quite a task since my legs were on fire from the squats/lunges yesterday.

So for the week -

Monday - walk/jog 35 minutes
Tuesday - bike 25 minutes (and playing in pool with kids)
Weds - walk/jog 35 minutes
Thursday - bike 25 minutes
Friday - Power 90 Sculpt 3/4
Saturday - bike 26 minutes and lawn (1.5hours walking while pushing)

And eating-wise...also very good. Only two small devations from plan.
With 1 1/2 weeks of dieting - down 15lbs (yeah - mostly water...)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yet another

Raining today so it was an inside day. After a morning of housework, etc., I got in a Power 90 sculpt 3/4. Considering it has been a couple of weeks away I still did 60 push ups.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 in a row

Got up and out a little later than I had hoped so it was a bit shorter - trying to be done by 7pm so Jennifer can run and we can get our homeschooling day started.

25+ minutes biking.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sticky and rainy

Went out for a jog/walk this morning (6:25) for 35 minutes. Got dripped on a bit.
Really glad I went!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So far this week

Monday - 11pm walk/jog for 35 minutes.
Tueday - 7am bike 25 minutes. In the PM run around in the pool with kids 40 minutes.

Perfect induction yesterday. So far so good this morning (I have had 20 oz of water and am making breakfast now)

Last week's fast start

Monday - 35 minute bike
Tuesday - 45 minute walk
Wednesday - 2 minute erg, 25 minute eliptical, 1/4 mile swim
Thursday - rest
Friday - 25 minute cycle
Saturday - 35 minute cycle.

Perfect induction since Tuesday.
Total first week weight loss - 12lbs (yeah, I know mostly water weight).

I'm back...and on a mission

I am going to get into a crew shell this Spring. And row. At 5:00am. With the DBCC Masters Crew. (D.v.).

The boys took a learn to row class followed by a learn to race class at the boat club this summer, and they love it and want to continue it. But for me it did three things
1) made me realize how much I want to row again
2) made me realize how out of shape I completely am
3) and made me realize how old I am.

I can help # 1 & 2.
I discovered #3 (as well as #2) when I rowed in a quad one day with Sam, Andrew and Coach Benz. I was sore for a week. Muscles I hadn't used in quite a while! I used to recover pretty quickly from a workout when I was a 20 year old....

So - onward and upward.