Friday, December 23, 2011


So the year is nearly over, and of course one looks back over the year past.

How have we done?

Personally, concerning fitness, I am breaking it down by month.

Mid-July began again in earnest. Began working with a support group to help with eating.
Doing INSANITY workout.

August - weight dropping off, eating great, INSANITY workouts.

September - first two weeks - INSANITY and great eating, then...
Three week trip to West Coast. Great eating and pretty good working out, even on the cruise.

October - began P90X again. Wow, what a butt kicker! eating good, not great. weight loss begins to plateau

November - good work, decent eating too.

December - Blah. But weight maintained. is a new day. What expectations for now til January? And of course the new year brings P90X2.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nothing like a cold... knock you off track.

Actually, I can't completely blame the virus for my slow down last week. It was a combination of TOO BUSY with family and work and feeling BLAH with a cold.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent with a stuffed up head and feeling blah. Had lots of busy family things to do and the last thing I wanted to do was workout.
Monday morning I slept in, hoping to knock down the virus even further, having started to feel better by Sunday evening.

But Monday evening I decided that, even though I wasn't feeling 100%, I was going to get back in the swing. I ROCKED out the Chest and Back workout, getting personal bests on nearly all push ups and pull ups.
And this morning I was back in the swing, getting up early enough to get my PlyoX workout in, which I relished with extra strength and vigor.

The jury is out about working out when sick. Some like to "push through". Others like to nurse the cold a bit and then get back into the swing of things. You know best what is best. A common cold is one thing, but something worse like Flu or Strep would call for more rest than activity.

So anyway, pushing through and feeling good (albeit a bit sore). Now if can get my nose to stop running......

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Phase III Malaise

I have reached, once again, Phase III of P90X and I have come to a familiar malaise, that general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness. The last few times I have slogged through P90X by the time I get within a few weeks of finishing I get bogged down. I would think I would be psyched that the completion is near, but instead I tend to find it harder to focus and harder to motivate myself to push harder.

This time IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. Now that I have identified it and called it out I AM GOING TO WORK through it! P90X2 should arrive in the mail any day, which should be a good external motivator since that will be kicking my butt starting in January.

So time to get off the computer and on with the rest of the important things I need to do today.