Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adding some shoulders

Did my shoulder bands as recommended by doctor. The shoulder is actually starting to feel better. I don't 'notice' it all the time, which means the pain is not steady even when not using it.

Did Sweat Cardio video with first set of yoga moves. Working my shoulder into it gradually. Skipped punching for that reason.
100 Abs.

Last week's debaucle

I got in a run, a video cardio, and a swim.

Then for the weekend we drove to Western Michigan for a rocket launch.
Stood out in the cold, wind, rain. Caught a cold. (resistance probably down last week anyway from stress- see Piety Hill Musings for reason why).

not a great week overall

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Working out, avoiding the shoulder

Did the Power 90 Sweat (cardio) workout today, without the yoga and punching (because of the strain on the sore shoulder).

With those two things removed, it is 3.5 minutes stretch, 20+ minutes cardio (legs up, thrusts, jumping jacks, running, run lunge, x-work, hopping, fast feet, and karate kicking front and side), 2 minute cool down, 2.5 minute stretch, and 100+ abs

Plus the band exercises given by the orthopedic guy.

And then ice for the shoulder

Friday, November 7, 2008

shoulder news

I went to the orthopedist Tuesday.
The x-rays showed either some calcification or arthritis.
Either way, he said I have too much strength for it to be a tear (at least of any consequence).

He basically did the old line, "Hey doc - it hurts when I do this". "Then don't do it"......
For 6 weeks no throwing, no lifting heavy things over my head, no swimming freestyle, etc.
He gave me some bands and some exercises to do with them, keeping the arms below the shoulder to get some blood flowing into it for healing. He also advised icing it at least once, if not twice a day.
If after 6 weeks there is no improvement, we will try shots, before going to surgery.

On Thursday I did get in the pool with my swimming group. I purposely tanked my relay race since I couldn't really swim. In the game afterwards I stayed in shallow water and did get off two shots, making one.

Today I did the Cardio/Sweat video without the yoga (too much pressure on the shoulders), and did 100 reps of abs. The 'punching' part I had to modify, since doing the cross and uppercut with the left arm was too much pressure on the shoulder.

I then did the simple band exercises.

Now I am sitting here typing, right afterwards, with ice on the shoulder as advised.

FYI - yesterday and today have been my only workouts so far this week. It hasn't been a good week for input or output. But so far today.....