Friday, September 18, 2009

another late one

Busy day off with family, running errands, etc. And I slept in late too.

But tonight I got in a 61 minute jog/walk.

Now to cool off and go to bed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

half yesterday, back at it today

Slept in yesterday and it was a busy day too, but I got over to the gym and did a 30 minute eliptical (hard too). at 4pm.

So far today - 26 minute cycle. More to come D.v.
Happy Stigmata of St. Francis Day

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Walking 2x today

This morning I went for a speed walk - 31 minutes (6:45am)
This evening at 10:30pm I went for a jog/walk for 43 minutes.

74 minutes total.

The boys had rowing practice today. Very excited for them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Today, and goals

Today - up and out for a 27 minute cycle - rode pretty hard (pacing off of another rider)
PM- 43 minutes jog/walk. (70 minutes total).

GOALS - At least an hour intentional exercise. Next week we go up to 75 minutes.

If the boys rowing works out this week, will try to slip in a few ergs too. I really wish we hadn't given away the erg last year.

Back down to induction level of carbs.

Last week summary

Another pretty good week for working out

Monday (Labor Day) - Erg, Sculpt, Abs (55 minutes)
Tuesday - Jog/Walk (60 minutes)
Weds - Sweat, Abs (50 minutes)
Thursday - Sculpt 3/4, Jog/Walk 33 (71 minutes)
Friday - Lawn (1.75 hours)
Saturday -on feet all day at Rocket Launch.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sore today

a jog/walk two hours after lunges/squats are a hard combination!

Really sore today.

I did do 1.75 hours of walking while pushing the mower this morning.
Thought about an evening workout but just couldn't.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weds and Thursday late day workouts.

So yesterday I came home and Jennifer had to take Andrew to pick out his new glasses so I changed and jumped into the Power 90 Sweat 3/4 (with the power yoga) and the Abs 100. I intended to get a walk in later in the evening but dozed off on the couch at 10:00. So I only got in about 50 minutes of working out.

Today - once again later in the day (after dinner) did Sculpt 3/4 with 106 squats and 40 lunges. UGH. 2 hours later I went out for a 33 minute jog/walk and it was painful! Bring on the Advil!
71 minutes total workout.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a late Tuesday night workout

Slogged through the day, and finally got out to work out about 11:15pm.

Jogged/Walked 60 minutes.

Very humid. Now I am cooling down to go to bed and hopefully get up early for a cycle.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I did and didn't

I went down to the boathouse to row, but didn't. There were only 7 men there so they went out in a 4 and pair. Just as well.

Pulled an erg (12 minutes)
came home
Power 90 Sculpt (38 minutes) 100 squats and lunges, 80 push ups
Power 90 Abs (5 minutes) - 100 reps

Good morning. And I hope to get a walk in this afternoon/evening.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A head start on the week

Sunday 11PM - lots to think about, especially an offer to come and row in the AM.
So out I go.
45 minutes VERY brisk walk!

So, am I up and out in 6 hours to row?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good morning, pretty good week.

Thursday - every good intention of a late evening workout, having gone with Sam to get our hair cut at 7am. Never happened. UGH.

Friday - 1.5 hours pushing the lawnmower and 2+ hours in line and walking at Henry Ford.

Saturday - Biking 31 minutes, Power 90 Sweat 3/4 for 37 minutes. 68 total.

So for the week
Monday - 26 jog/walk and 38 sweat (64 total)
Tuesday - 36 bikeride (am) and 31 walk (pm) (67 total)
Weds - 25 jog/walk and 37 sculpt (62 total)
Thursday - UGH.
Friday - Lawn and Henry Ford - (2+ total burning time)
Saturday - 31 bike, Sweat 37 (68 total)

Hit goal of 1 hour plus 5 of 6 days this week. Perfect induction 5 of 6 as well.
Not a bad week. Would have preferred a workout on Thursday, plus a sweat or sculpt in Friday too.
Next week will be better.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

8 hours later

I was up and out again after my vigorous walk before bed....

Started with 25 minutes run/walk (10 m run)
Then popped in the DVD for Sculpt 3/4 for 37 minutes (65 push ups)

62 minutes today. Still on track.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday/Tuesday start

Yesterday was good - I got up and did a 26 minute job/walk (9 minutes of running).
Then immediately popped in the DVD and did the Power 90 Sweat 3/4 (without Yoga), another 38 minutes.
64 minutes total.

Today (so far), 36 minute bike ride in AM.
At 11:20 pm - 31 minute VERY brisk walk.
67 minutes of exercise on Tuesday.