Friday, January 30, 2009

A good Friday!

It was a good day for exercise today.

At 2pm I helped to retrieve a sofa bed from a basement, and then unloaded it on the first floor of our old house, which is up 7 steps.

Then at 5:30 I did the sculpt video with 55 push ups.

At 7pm I took the kids to the gym and we swam/played/treaded water for 45 minutes.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note quite as planned, but....

....not too bad.

Yesterday (Wednesday), which I has scheduled as a sweat/cardio video day, I shoveled instead. Twice.

Today, I did the Sweat Video as scheduled, but without yoga and punches.
I did the video tonight during American Idol.

Earlier in the afternoon I swam with my Thursday Group. While playing our game that is a cross between water polo and basketball, I got my left arm cranked while trying to make a shot. It is pretty sore right now. I iced it this afternoon, and am about to ice it again. This is why I skipped Yoga/Punches.

I hope it feels better tomorrow for the sculpt video.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The shoulder is holding up....

Did the entire sculpt video, with 50 push-ups. Yeah!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

this week's plans

As I get my shoulder back into the routine, I hope to work in two sculpt sessions this week.
Tenative plan.
Monday, Weds, Thurs, Saturday - Sweat/Cardio with abs
Tuesday, Friday - Sculpt

That being said - I did the entire sweat video (yoga and punching incl.) this morning
A good start.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another sore day today. But my workout - moving furniture from a second floor apartment, into my van, and into house.

A pretty good week for the week after vacation!
Shoveling, Sweat, Sculpt, Moving....not too bad.

And my shoulder isn't hurting too badly - Deo Gratias!

Friday, January 23, 2009


After doing the Sculpt video I was sore on Thursday! Legs, torso, shoulders.....

Today I did the Sweat, with 3/4 the yoga and the boxing at the end. 100 abs.

The shoulder is holding up so far.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Metabolic appraisal

While on the trip Jennifer and I splurged and had our metabolism tested.

The good news was that a very large percentage of my mass is muscle. The trainer was impressed by that number. The bad news - lots of fat and water retention too.

His suggestion was 2 cycles of a 3 month detox program using suppliments from Elemis, combined with exercise. Of course, they had the suppliments for sale at an outragrously high price.

Now home, we are looking into getting the suppliments locally, at a 20% reduction in price.
The suppliments are for colon cleansing and liver detox, using micro algae. Will have to do more research before we splurge.

I know my gym has the same electronic metabolic test machine (runs electrodes through your body to evaluate muscle, fat, water). It is good to have a baseline number. from the cruise.

So far this week

Arrived home Monday evening to an unshoveled driveway.

Spent an hour shoveling two weeks of snow (12 to 18 inches, or more in spots due to drifts) so we could get into the driveway to unpack the car.

Tuesday afternoon - Sweat video with shoulder elastic band workout.

Wednesday evening - Sculpt video (first time since shoulder injury). Did a modified one with fewer push-ups, and modified military press as instructed by my doctor to not put too much pressure on the rotator cuff muscles. Followed by plenty of ice!

a GOOD vacation

We are back from vacation.

4 days driving down to Florida (staying at hotels and with family along the way).
7 days on a cruise ship
1 day at Cape Canaveral
2 days driving home.

On the way down I worked out twice at hotels (eliptical machines)

On the Cruise ship I worked out six times, six days in a row (5 Eliptical, 1 on the treadmill), 30 to 40 minutes each day.

Arrived home Monday evening.

All that working out on vacation helped to negate the buffet and late night snacks on the ship.
I weighed the same when we got home as I did the day we left! I consider that quite an accomplishment!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a travel week

Not a bad one.

Eliptical, two swims, and a sweat video.