Thursday, May 15, 2008

back to lifting

At least as far as the Sculpt video goes.

It actually felt GREAT to get back into it, and I am trying to get myself psyched to knock off a few more weeks of Power 90 and then start P90X perhaps in July.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A good day today

Up early for a Sweat Video workout (sans yoga/abs).
Meant to go out and run but Meg woke up with me.

Then in the afternoon I came home to relieve Jennifer of Meg so she could go open the LL concession stand (she is supervisor this week). We planted flowers and the I put her in the jog-stroller and took her for a run to pick up the boys at Karate. We took the long route there, running 2,2,2,2,4 on the way there,with 1 or 1.5 off between, and then 4, 4, and 4 on the way back with one off between. 24 minutes running total.

A good day - longest run in a long time, and sweat video after a few weeks away from it.
Will be sore in AM!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't put off to later...

The last two days I have set my alarm, woke up, shut it off and INTENDED to get up and run/workout, only to blink and see it was an hour later. Upon re-waking telling myself "I can workout this afternoon".

Monday afternoon I had to coach William's baseball game and by the time Andrew finished his job it was after 9pm.

Yesterday I figured I would put Meg in the jog stroller after work and get the boys from Karate jogging there and back. Then there was a fire at the curate's house and that certainly took up the afternoon!

This morning - up and at it! Ran 2,3,4,6,5, with 1.5 off between except between 4 and 6 when I took 3.5 off looking at the curate's house, now all boarded up until it can be repaired from the fire damage.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another run

Woke up this morning VERY sore! But I got the shoes on and ran anyway.

The ankle was stiff - combo rain coming and soreness from yesterday.

2 on 2x, 3 on 2x, 4on, 5 on with 1.5 minutes between each.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still out here!!!

A strange two weeks - a couple of runs, heavy lifting (40lbs bags of sand, soil, etc.) and lots of baseball.

Today - Back on track with working out AND journaling!
Ran 2 on 1 off, 4 on 1 off 3x, 6 on.