Saturday, November 17, 2012

So long Hostess.....

A thought or four about the decline of Hostess Bakery.

1) Sorry to see the loss of jobs, not only the union ones we hear about, but all those independent contractors who have hostess routes, restock shelves, etc.
2) The big decline in their sales started at the same time as the rise of Atkins and South Beach low carb diets.  Although those two extremes faded (mostly because people claimed to be doing low carb but really weren't and then quit and blamed the diet) most of the nutrition medical field has accepted the principles of Dr. Atkins' teaching: It isn't the fats that make you fat, but the starches, particularly the refined wheats and sugar...the staple ingredients for Hostess.
3) Right now it is nostolgia of childhood eating that is sweeping the country: white bread sandwiches and the twinkie or suzyQ treat in the lunchbox. But these products were not good for us then, and are not now. We are better off without it.
4)  Hostess products cost more on the shelves than Dolly Madison or other type products and when someone is junk snacking that pays a part.  Those other companies will continue.  The reality of capitalism as far as junk food goes is that the cheapest wins (hello McDonald's dollar menu).