Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Failure as learning opportunity

I've failed at P90X2. The first phase started off, but I had a hard time doing the majority of the moves. I know Tony Horton says, "Don't say I can't, but I currently struggle with". So I was currently struggling with most of the moves. Balancing on med balls, etc. Ugh.

Then after a 10 day vacation with my family where I did yoga x2 and tons of walking (Disney) I came back and tried to start phase 2. Even worse. And this frustration led to my not getting a good workout in, and anticipating the frustration not even wanting to workout and skipping a few.

So I took a step back and honestly evaluated it all. As much as my ego didn't want to admit it, I wasn't ready for P90X2.

So I had to swallow my pride and regroup.

I've restrarted P90X as of yesterday and it was the right thing to do. The moves were familiar (Chest and Back yesterday, Plyo today) so I actually got a good workout in. Personal best for push ups, an amazing sweat for Plyo.

So stepping back I am actually moving forward. Several friends on Facebook and Twitter said I didn't "fail" because it is such a negative word. But I did. I failed at P90X2. Failed for now. But come 90 days from now..... Lesson learned.