Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some mornings are just like that!

Yesterday morning I got up early as I have been doing all week. I have been adding a little walk/jog before my P90X workout. But I woke up tired. The walk/jog felt disjointed. My shoulder still hurt from Wednesday's Shoulders & Arms workout followed by X2 Yoga on Thursday. And my P90X Legs and Back workout was at best uninspiring, especially with my favorite pull up (wide) was excruciatingly painful.

Afterwards, I thought to myself perhaps I would have been better served to get an extra 90 minutes of sleep. Some mornings are just like that.

But the walk/jog and KenpoX was much better this morning.

In hindsight I am glad I did Friday's workout, and todays.

Onward and upward.