Friday, December 23, 2011


So the year is nearly over, and of course one looks back over the year past.

How have we done?

Personally, concerning fitness, I am breaking it down by month.

Mid-July began again in earnest. Began working with a support group to help with eating.
Doing INSANITY workout.

August - weight dropping off, eating great, INSANITY workouts.

September - first two weeks - INSANITY and great eating, then...
Three week trip to West Coast. Great eating and pretty good working out, even on the cruise.

October - began P90X again. Wow, what a butt kicker! eating good, not great. weight loss begins to plateau

November - good work, decent eating too.

December - Blah. But weight maintained. is a new day. What expectations for now til January? And of course the new year brings P90X2.